Ērenpreiss bicycles are considered unique due to their impressive historical background combined with contemporary approach. A lot has changed since the founding of the enterprise in 1927, but the key elements – striving for perfection in comfort and satisfaction, judicious design and endless enthusiasm for creation remain unaffected. Historically, Ērenpreiss inspired pride at national level. It was a brand that represented Latvia worldwide and so appreciated and cherished that in Latvia “Ērenpreiss” became a synonym for “bicycle” colloquially. The modern Ērenpreiss started as a bicycle restoration workshop, but soon enough the knowledge acquired during the years of the original company became handy in designing modern and original bicycles, and Ērenpreiss once again entered the market as a producer. Today, the small workshop has turned into an influential bicycle manufacturer with a distinctive character, personalized customer approach and remarkable international success. Perfectionism, hard work and a touch of the old time feel make every single Ērenpreiss bicycle distinguished and inimitable.