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19 June 2015

Ērenpreiss expands its activity – opens a new bicycle salon and presents new bicycles

Latvian bicycle manufacturer Ērenpreiss has presented new bicycles, and together with the new bicycle models has opened the Ērenpreiss bicycle salon – a new home for specially selected bicycles and accessories.

“Having already created two collections and operating for a total of 5 years, we have worked hard on the development and production of new bicycles, and we have added 4 new bicycles to our collection – our so-called “birds of the city” – the men’s and women’s silver-grey “Sparrows” and lemon and turquoise women’s “Finches”,” tells Toms Ērenpreiss, Manager of Ērenpreiss.

With the opening of the new bicycle salon on Tērbatas Street in Riga, Ērenpreiss will be offering the new bicycle models, as well as those from previous collections starting from 18 June. It is possible to view, try and purchase specially selected bicycles and cycling accessories in a comfortable atmosphere with the aroma of coffee in the air. The bicycle salon will also serve as a point of intersection and a cultural space – it is planned to organise various themed events in it, and the first event of such kind took place in the form of an evening talk on 9 June – a discussion was held with cycling enthusiast and dean of the School of Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Cees de Bont.

“This year we have placed more attention on various cooperation opportunities in order to become better and more accessible – this salon shows how much can be achieved when working together in Latvia. You are very welcome to our Ērenpreiss bicycle salon,” invites Toms Ērenpreiss and head of the salon Kaspars Virsnītis.

Ērenpreiss is a Latvian company that has manufactured and offered new and modern city bicycles since 2012. Ērenpreiss is carrying on the idea of the historical bicycle factory of Gustavs Ērenpreiss and he is also an active developer of Latvian cycling culture.

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Information prepared by: Ance Pudāne, Public relations manager at Ērenpreiss
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