AXA Juno B 80 rear light

The AXA Juno Battery is a very compact rear light. The smart design offers also light from the side, which makes you better visible to crossing traffic. The Juno is operated by an on / off switch and can be mounted to a distance of 80 mm. It runs on 2 AAA batteries that are included. The light has a long and competitive battery run time to make sure you can enjoy riding your bike without worrying about the battery level.


For your safety a battery low indicator warns you when it is time to change your batteries. The batteries can be changed easily without a tool. Light can be seen 500 meters away.

- Visible from the side
- Meets French regulations
- Warning ‘battery low’ indicator

Comfort and Technical specs:
- Mounting distance 80 mm
- On/off switch easy to operate
- Battery operated
- Battery life time: 50 hours
- Includs 2 AAA batteries
- Integrated reflector
- Water and shock resistant

For bicycle