Ērenpreiss Sparrow Gent divritenis vīriešiem ar vieglu rāmi - An Erenpreiss Sparrow lightwheight urban men’s bike

Sparrow Gent men’s bicycles

Sparrow Gent men's bicycles are very practical but also extremely pleasing to the eye. The Sparrow collection will reveal a new world for you, where the urge to go for a bicycle ride grows stronger and stronger every day. The outstanding quality of its components makes this bicycle an excellent long-term investment that will serve you for years to come.

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Sparrow Gent – a genuine city bird

Sparrow Gent – the men's bicycle from the Sparrow collection – is more than just a reliable and convenient way to move about in the city. This is a charming, elegant and confident city bird, which will be the perfect choice both for large metropolises, as well as quiet towns. The design of its frame exudes confidence and makes it comfortable to ride and easy to manoeuvre. You’ll enjoy every single ride with this bicycle, regardless of the weather conditions and your mood – from the everyday morning commute to slow rides on the weekends.

Outstanding quality and exquisite design

The Erenpreiss brand embodies both the long-standing tradition of bicycle manufacturing that’s tied to the name, as well as modern solutions that make our bicycles suitable for today’s cyclists. While developing the design of Sparrow Gent men's bicycles, we have created a frame with universally comfortable geometry, which makes riding in the city more enjoyable. Each component of the Sparrow bicycle is not only visually appealing but also carefully selected to meet the quality standards and provide easier maintenance of the bicycle. This men's bicycle is equipped with an originally designed HI-TEN frame and fork, as well as a Tektor calliper brake system, aluminium rims and cranks, as well as single-speed hub or a 9-speed Shimano hub. The matching aluminium mudguards and chainguard, as well as the reflector set and an aluminium kickstand also perfectly complement this high-quality men's bicycle.

Bicycle sizes and specification

The elegant and modern Sparrow Gent men's bicycle is available in two different sizes – M and L. The M-sized bicycle with a frame size of 54 cm, is well-suited for riders that stand between 170 to 185 cm in height, meanwhile, the L-sized 57 cm frame will be perfect for riders with a height from 180 to 195 cm. The weight of this model makes it perfectly suited for the city life – the single-speed men's bicycle weighs 11.5 kg, while the 9-speed version weighs 13 kg. Sparrow bicycle models are not equipped with a rear carrier or a basket, however, you can personalise it by choosing the accessories you require from our range, to make it your perfect bicycle.

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